Tajikstan (SANG TOODE DAM)

The Sang Tudeh hydroelectric dam and power plant located in the southwest of Tajikistan, in the Donggar Rinsky section, is near the village of Ghazal Pass .The dam site is located about 180 km south-east of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, near the Afghan border and on the Vakhsh River . [1]


Stone rock mass 2 is of earthy type and is 31.5 meters high from the river bed, and its power plant has two turbines each with a power of 110 megawatts and a total power plant of 220 megawatts. This earth dam with a central cluster core and a dam height of 31.5 meters, with a length of the crest of the dam is 305 meters and the crest of the dam is 12 meters. The total volume of the reservoir is 66.5 million cubic meters and the volume of the embankment of the body of the dam is about 450 thousand cubic meters. 


The process of construction of this project was started by Iran Farab Company in February 2006, which is the construction, implementation, ownership, operation and then transfer of ownership of the power plant (BOOT). After the operation, the plant will be supplied to Iran for 12 years, so that the Iranian side will withdraw its investment and profits from the proceeds from the plant, and then the power plant will be available to the Tajik side. For this project, $ 256 million is expected to be provided by Iran and $ 15.6 per cent ($ 40 million) by the Tajik government and the remainder by the stone water project company, which is expected to be $ 70 million ($ 180 million).

The first phase of the dam and power plant was opened on September 13, 2011, the 20th anniversary of Tajik independence, with the participation of Tajiks and Iran’s Presidents. 

Hassan Rouhani said: “In the ceremony of the second turbine of the Sangtudvd-2 power plant in Tajikistan, on September 19, 2014,

We are glad to announce that one of the engineering efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be in this country and a hydroelectric plant will be opened.